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Cost: 595/700/825

Shoots roses that pop 2 layers of bloons at once and have splash damage.


Poison: Roses have poison that pops them overtime. Cost: 340/400/450

Snowball: Can shoot a snowball that slows them down. Cost: 255/300/380

Icicle: Shoots icicles instead of snowballs that pop up to 3 bloons at once & slow their children. Cost: 500/670/750

Lightning: Lightning strikes down on random bloons in range & pops 5 layers. Cost: 2125/2500/2975

Black Hole (Yes, 5 upgrades!): Black hole sucks in (pops all layers of) up to 30 bloons at once! Does not affect Blimps. Also gives a shooting upgrade. Cost: 8500/10000/12500