Mabye Ninja Kiwi can makes tv shows, movies, or put btd in other game systems! Movies need to have a story line so edit this page to do that. and edit this page to do say what other games there could be.

My suggestion:

Earth, 3076 AD

There once was a galaxy named the Milkey Way. In this galaxy, there were two very different planets. One was named earth. Earth was a broken planet. it had gone to war with another planet that was equally powerful. The war waged between them was so fierce, that earth and the other planet had gone through a virtual apocalypse. Before earth fell, they trained a lesser race on their planet how to think, to learn, to strategise, to live like they. the beings on earth called this lesser race "monkeys." they decided to keep the planet alive in this way. The other planet however, saw something on earth that they used to carry on THEIR spieceis. they were called BALOONS. the bloons they had were different though. theirs were SMARTER. More ALIVE. they were filled with poisonous gas that would kill the monkeys after many breaths. This gas though would only stay in the earth atmosphere if it was in a building that held it. if it was outside, it would "squeese" out due to the density of the earth air. The monkeys were flooded by these bloons until they had no choice but to carry on their ancestors' war. they were challenged more and more by the balloons as the years went by, and the monkeys were sick of it. They were going to have to get through space using technology they had to build to take down the bloonian BASE at the computer core of their PLANET. but it would take courage, bravery, and it would be an epic challenge. But it would have to be done.


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Oh ya BTD could be on 3DS. Thatd be flyh.

Btd future

Mabye btd can go on other game systems such as psp(play station portable)