oh my gosh, your on another version of these, to see the previous versions, see Fan-made bloons tower defence or Fan-made bloons tower defence 2.

"last round for easy" --after round 49

"last round for medium" --after round 64

"if your on hard, i think zomg is gonna kill you" --after round 84

"atotw coming next level" --after round 99

"mmbfbotabotg coming next round" --after round 149

this is the 3rd version (Also known as Techno Edition), now more harder then ever, but with new towers to bust down those bloons!


Title screen (Techno)


NOTE: Names in bold are exlusive to "Techno" type worlds.

dart monkey

cost: 170

tack shooter

cost: 300

boomerang tower

cost: 450
Fanmadebtd3 normal

Title Screen (Normal)

ninja monkey


large tack shooter

cost: 600

monkey from DA FUTURE

cost: 2044


cost: 845

mini super monkey

cost: 1300

super monkey

cost: 3400

hyper monkey

cost: 6800

mini totmg

cost: 15000

bomb tower

cost: 595

homing dart monkey

cost: 200

monkey buccaner

cost: 510

banna farm

cost: 100

future monkey

cost: 500

lightsaber monkey


futuristic banana machine

cost: 200

plasma blaster monkey

cost: 360

ditched robo monkey

cost: 900

future buccaner monkey

cost: 620

road place itemsEdit

single spike

cost: 1


cost: 5

large mine

cost: 10

plasma mine

cost: 25 

road spikes

cost: 25

techno spikes

cost: 60


cost: 30

large spike

cost: 50

purple plasma spikes

cost: 75

red hot spikes

cost: 80

robotic pineapple

cost: 70

corrosive acid

cost: 100


NOTE: Names in italic mean it can be any type of bloon (excluding MOAB-Class) red bloon

rbe: 1

blue bloon

rbe: 2

bloon copier

rbe: ? (appears randomly)

green bloon

rbe: 3

yellow bloon

rbe: 4

pink bloon

rbe: 5

snail bloon

rbe: 6

robo bloon

rbe: 8

white and black bloons

rbe: 9 (each)

plasma gun bloon

rbe: 11

camo bloon 

rbe: depends on bloon

regrowth bloon

rbe: depends on bloon

camo regrowth bloon

rbe: depends on bloon

mini ceramic bloon

rbe: 22

zebra bloon

rbe: 30

photonegative bloon

rbe: depends on bloon, multiplied by 2

laser bloon

rbe: 45

rainbow bloon

rbe: 60

hologram bloon

rbe: 70

ceramic bloon

rbe: 104


rbe: 256

pyro bloon

rbe: 420

final bloon

rbe: 505

moab-class bloonsEdit


rbe: 616


rbe: 3,884


rbe: 616


rbe: 11,652


rbe: 16,204


rbe: 32,483

moab robot

rbe: 64, 594


rbe: 64,966

missle bfb

rbe: 999

mini tigris

rbe: 394,149


rbe: 942,583

irluminaty bloon

rbe: 33,333

ttgl bloon

rbe: 1,039,286


rbe: 30,000

master of all blimps

rbe: 4,294,193


rbe: 999,999

massive zomg

rbe: 834,824,492


rbe: 999,999,999


  • massive zomg has alot of rbe, thanks to the new towers, it's new upgrades will take it down
  • mmbfbotabotg now comes in round 150
  • fan-made bloons tower defence 4 is extremely hard
  • contra bloons tower defence is after fmbtd4
  • This introduces "Techno" type worlds.
  • This is E.L.I.T.E.'s first appearance.
  • "Techno" mode is unlocked once you have completed every map on any difficulty.
  • The resolution is 600x800.
  • More info soon.