woah there! you see the other of this, to see the original, see Fan-made bloons tower defence. For sequel, see Fan-made bloons tower defense 3. For the old and abandoned version, see Fan-made bloons tower defence 2 BETA.

"watch out monkeys, mmbfb is approaching next level" ---after round 665

"ATOTW is coming right now" --- after round 99

"THE FINAL BOSS. Incoming!!!" --- after round 999

this is a similar one, except it is more harder, with new bloons, however, new towers are here!


The Front (or Title) Page


dart monkey

cost: 100

tack shooter

cost: 110

mini dart monkey

cost: 50

angry dart monkey

cost: 200

large tack shooter

cost: 300

bomb tower

cost: 365

monkey from h311

cost: 666

mini super monkey

cost: 1250

banna farm

cost: 850

monkey buccaner

cost: 510

monkey pirate

cost: 500

super monkey

cost: 3400

hyper monkey

cost: 6800

moab-class killer

cost: 10000

mini sun god

cost: 11000

pingas monkey

cost: 13337

mini TOTMG

cost: 15000. gg monkey cost:98432

road placeEdit


cost: 1

road mines

cost: 5

road spikes

cost: 10


cost: 20

hot spikes

cost: 50


red bloon

rbe: 1

blue bloon

rbe: 2

green bloon

rbe: 3

yellow bloon

rbe: 4

pink bloon

rbe: 5

black and white bloons

rbe: 9 (each of them)

camo bloon

rbe: 11

zebra bloon

rbe: 18

rainbow bloon

rbe: 36

ceramic bloon

rbe: 104

2-layer ceramic bloon

rbe: 208

moab-class bloons (now higher rbe exept moab and mmbfbotabotg)Edit


rbe: 616


rbe: 3661


rbe: 17,129


rbe: 24,272 (44,272 with shield in medium, hard and extreme)


rbe: 68,516 (holds 4 zomgs)


rbe: 108,185

ttgl bloon

rbe: 581,384

mega moab

rbe: 1,909,482

mega bfb

rbe: 5,139,128

mega zomg

rbe: 20,184,205

godmodder bloon

rbe: 40,184,205

king of blimps

rbe: 60,284,174

master of blimps

rbe: 285,106,195


  • the moab class bloons have much higher rbe for now
  • mmbfbotabotg's artwork is seen on it's page: M.M.B.F.B.O.T.A.B.O.T.G.
  • master of blimps is the newest final boss for now
  • mini version are more helpful and can detect camo
  • mini TOTMG maybe the same size as 4 super monkeys in a 2x2 grid faction
  • MMBFBOTABOTG maybe is ATOTW's cousin because atotw holds 4 zomgs, while mmbfb holds 2 zomgs
  • The title screen has a more cleaner look than the first game.