Titanium: can only be hurt by sun god rays, so it's another reason to have the sun gods around

The death bloon is as bad as it sounds. It should be a deadly bloon that, if it escapes, no matter how many lives you have, should be an instant fail. This bloon comes randomly on levels. There is a 1% chance this will appear. Luckilly, it moves slower if is damaged more.

Okay. This boss will only come on level 150 and every 75 levels afterward, as it is the second strongest blimp. It will release 4 S.Z.I's upon poppage & is called the great bloonsmaker airship. It takes 10,000 hits to pop.

A revenge bloon that takes away more lives and taking more hits to pop the more lives you have. if you have full lives, then it will take away ALL lives, but if have low lives, then it will take away NO lives. this means that you should keep a balance of your lives instead of having full lives to make sure this bloon is a bloon that you can deal with without losing the game.

The Ultimate Double Shielded Death Machine Blimp Of Utter Destruction is by far the nastiest bloon in the game. Like the S.A.B.O.D., it has a red shield, but this one takes 2,500 hits to destroy, again only with sun god rays. Once you destroy it, however, it has a black shield underneath this that takes another 2,500 hits from sun god rays. Once this is destroyed, it takes another 5000 hits to pop it. Once popped, it spawns 5 S.A.B.O.D.s. All in all, a nearly impossible bloon. It comes on round 200.

Ranked between the H.A.B. and the Ceramic Bloon, it will constantly switch between different bloons, including blimps, pac man bloons, super monkey bloons, and even the final boss! It is bigger than a Ceramic Bloon but smaller than a H.A.B. It has no original form. It releases 1 Ceramic Bloon upon being popped.

Devours Rainbow bloons and under, and is half the speed of a B.F.B., Once damaged, it slows down and lets out a bloon it absorbed. Once there are no bloons in it, 2 Orange Bloons are unleashed. It is black and seems to let out streams of white gas. Outlined with red. A.k.a. Black Hole Bloon.

Megahemoth: A lethal bloon that stays where it is when it gets onto the screen. It takes 35000 hits to pop & releases 4 T.A.N.K.s when it finally dies.

EAD: Contains 5 its over 9000's, and takes 4,683,890 hits to pop. Destroys every fully upgraded tower on the screen, so it is realy dangerous.

The Super Pulversizor Hyper Ultra Epic Zepplin Of Doom is the most powerful bloonn in the game, it takes 10000000 hits to defeat and does a lot of damage if it passes